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Interview by Saryu Ahuja

Indian Architect and Builder, May 1995
"In the World Bank film, I have gone into the details. As the titles run, there is the shot of the opening ceremony followed by some shots of Delhi. For an Indian, seeing the Lal Quila or Lutyens' Delhi or the Qutab Minar, may not be anything new, but for foreigners it would make a difference. The site is in Lutyens'Delhi so there are shots of the surroundings, then, there is a shot of the Lodhi garden."

"At a point in the film, the architect from World Bank, explains how he selected the architect and the brief for the building design. Then my father appears in the film, giving a general idea of the design concept. I show him, making sketches and explaining how the design was done. I show him, talking to the model maker, who then works on the model. There are shots of my father meeting the senior architects and the engineers. And, then finally, the final image of the design appears on the computer screen. The idea was that the film would show the process of design to non-architects as well."

"The next sequence is on the workers, the stone workers from Rajsthan - their traditions, master craftsmen cutting stone, carving and cladding them, we then zoom back and show the entire building in its finished state. Then, there is an architectural exploration of the outside and the inside, the courtyard the workstations, the sunken garden their connections, the idea of transparencies, miniatures, old buildings, I haven't done any dissolve in this; I have kept it straight because dissolves are very expensive. Then I show the building in the Lodhi Garden, the dome, vault, the curves and the comparison with the World Bank building."

" Finally, there is sequence on the technological aspect of the building its intelligent computerized systems and eventually the finished building with the furniture and the artwork. It ends with one of the secretaries in the building. She says it is very good "Manu laughs and confides, "may be the World Bank told her what to say."


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